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    Tel-Hai Center Of  Science and Knowledge for Gifted Children


    The Center of Science and Knowledge for Gifted Children was established in 1985 at Tel Hai Academic College. With the cooperation of Israel's Ministry of Education, it provides a stimulating and creative environment for young people with exceptional talents who are identified through a national standardized testing process.


    The Tel-Hai gifted program is a center for enrichment of daily programs that open gates for gifted children from the whole Northern part of the Galilee and the Golan Heights areas. Gifted pupils from the 4th grade through the 9th, attend classes one day each week outside of at their regular school studies, where many of them are not sufficiently challenged or stimulated.  These pupils have undergone strict testing, and after being identified, place among the top 1.5% of all the children tested. They enjoy a varied program in the arts and sciences that vary each semester, with a range of classes in different languages, medicine, technology, psychology, and cultures. 


    More than 230 pupils composed of the full "mosaic" of Israeli society study at the center. Here students have the opportunity to meet other young people who share their outstanding curiosity and abilities, from a wide range of backgrounds. One can find pupils from both urban and rural communities, religious and secular, new immigrants and Israeli-born, Jewish, Moslem, Christian and Druze students; all interacting and forming an outstanding learning community.  Students come from a large geographical area, including the towns of Kiryat Shemona, Tzfat, and M'rar in the Galilee, and Katzrin in the Golan Heights, and from rural villages, kibbutzim and moshavim in those regions.  


    A team of qualified, experienced and excellent teachers guide these pupils through unusual learning experiences, including intellectual, creative and challenging subjects. These subjects include different areas of science and technology, art, computerized robotics, computers, different cultures and social studies, foreign languages, learning how to research subjects on an academic level, and more.


    Tel-Hai Center for Gifted Children

    Ministry of Education, division for gifted and outstanding students

    Tel Hai Academic College, Upper Galilee, 12210, Israel

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